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New Overwatch Hero Available for Play at the Public Test Server

July 13, 2016 Riku Quiapon

60-year old Ana Amari, Overwatch’s new support hero, is available for play at the Public Test Region(PTR). Prepare for 6-man Anas at the first few games in the server as everybody is pretty much hyped about her release. Her kit centers around long range heals,disabling enemies and boosting your allies.The downside is, just like any other support(except Lucio), is that she’s vulnerable to flanks from Reapers and Genjis due to lack of mobility.

The new Overwatch hero rolled out along with the new PTR patch released by Blizzard. If you feel like trying it out, open your and change your server to ‘Public Test Region’. Take note that the server capacity can only accommodate 10, 000 concurrent players so you might have to wait for your turn in queue to enter if it’s a bit too crowded. Although the PTR is only available at the PC, console players need not fret as most of the changes will also be applied at the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 on it’s official release.

The PTR or Public Test Server was made for making sure that the game changes are working properly and bug-free upon official release. With this in mind, patch notes released for the PTR may differ from the actual game and therefore, may subject to change.