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The TaskUs Titans Are Looking for a New Member

November 22, 2017 Esports INQ

The TaskUs Titans were formed a few months ago with the intention of building the next big professional Dota 2 team in the Philippines. The team knew that the road would be long, and the tough journey required all members to be on board for this venture to work.

With this, the team has unanimously decided to replace Froilan “Sip” Bonifacio in the starting lineup. Sip played with the Titans at the Dota 2 All Star Weekend, as well as all their online qualifiers up to this point. Despite Sip’s inability to continue on this race, the rest of the Titans are thankful for his contributions to the team’s start.

The TaskUs Titans is all about improvement. Their goal is to constantly reach for the next level. That means constantly evolving and refining themselves, even if that comes with drastic changes to the team. Every opportunity and every performance counts. This must always be kept in mind by all members–as well as serve as a challenge to them.

The TaskUs Titans will be looking to come back stronger than ever when they find a suitable replacement. Watch out for the announcement of the TaskUs Titans’ newest member soon!





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