Honkai Star Rail Version 1.2: Playable Kafka and Blade!

02:26 PM July 12, 2023

Three new characters including Kafka and Blade, a new area, and more – check out everything that was revealed on the Honkai Star Rail Version 1.2 stream.

Honkai Star Rail Version 1.2

Honkai Star Rail 1.2 Banners


The first half of the banners will feature Blade.


The second half will have Kafka and Luka.

New Character – Blade (5-star Wind Destruction)

“A member of the Stellaron Hunters, and a swordsman who abandoned his blade.

Pledges loyalty to Destiny’s Slave, and possesses a terrifying self-healing ability.”

Blade’s kit centers around him using his own HP to empower his abilities and juggling this with his Talent that can restore his HP, making him a viable unit on his own. He’s self-sustaining, meaning you can just slot him into any party and he’d perform well.

New Character – Kafka (5-star Lightning Nihility)

“On the Interastral Peace Corporation’s wanted list, Kafka’s only has two things — her name, and a single sentence: “Likes collecting coats.”

Little is known about this Stellaron Hunter, other than that she is one of Destiny’s Slave Elio’s most trusted members.

In order to achieve Elio’s envisioned future, Kafka gets to work.”

Kafka is now finally playable! Despite being a Nihilty character, she still has a high damage output thanks to her Shock-centric kit.

New Character – Luka (4-star Physical Nihility)

“The boxing champion in Belobog’s Underworld, and one of Wildfire’s most capable fighters.

The consecutive champion of the Fight Club inspires the dreams of children in the Underworld with his enthusiasm.”

Like Kafka, Luka is also a Nihility character that focuses on dealing damage, this time via the Bleed effect.

New Light Cones 

The Unreachable Side (5-star Destruction)

Unfulfilled Yearning

  • Increases the wearer’s CRIT rate by 18/21/24/27/30% and increases their Max HP by 18/21/24/27/30%. When the wearer is attacked or consumes their own HP, their DMG increases by 24/28/32/36/40%. This effect is removed after the wearer uses an attack.

Patience Is All You Need (5-star Nihility)

Spider Web

  • Increases DMG dealt by the wearer by 24%. After every attack launched by wearer, their SPD increases by 4.8%, stacking up to 3 times.
  • If the wearer hits an enemy target that is not afflicted by Erode, there is a 100% base chance to inflict Erode to the target. Enemies afflicted with Erode are also considered to be Shocked and will receive Lightning DoT at the start of each turn equal to 60% of the wearer’s ATK, lasting for 1 turn(s).

New Relic Sets

Longevous Disciple

  • 2-Pc: Increases Max HP by 12%.
  • 4-Pc: When the wearer is hit or has their HP consumed by an ally, their CRIT Rate increases by 8% for 2 turn(s) and up to 2 stacks.

Messenger Traversing Hackerspace

  • 2-Pc: Increases SPD by 6%.
  • 4-Pc: When the wearer uses their Ultimate on an ally, SPD for all allies increases by 12% for 1 turn(s). This effect cannot be stacked.

Rutilant Arena

  • 2-Pc: Increases the wearer’s CRIT Rate by 8%. When the wearer’s current CRIT Rate reaches 70% or higher, the wearer’s Basic ATK and Skill DMG increase by 20%.

Broken Keel

  • 2-Pc: Increases the wearer’s Effect RES by 10%. When the wearer’s Effect RES is at 30% or higher, all allies’ CRIT DMG increases by 10%.

New Main Story

This will have the continuation of the main story from where Version 1.0 left off. Dan Heng, after having his own journey aboard the Xianzhou Luofu, will finally be reunited with the rest of the Astral Express crew.

New Areas

The expansion of the Main Story will also introduce two new explorable areas in the Xianzhou Luofu: the Alchemy Commission and the Scalegorge Waterscape.

New Enemies

Malefic Ape

  • An ape as tall as mountainous boulders with terrifying might. When the Ambrosial Arbor still stood, the Xianzhou people bred many fantastic creatures with their esoteric techniques. Malefic Apes were one of the war beasts that walked alongside the army.

The Ascended

  • The form that the Disciples of Sanctus Medicus crave. A true shape that cast off the burdens of humanity and has been reforged using the way of immortality.


  • General Jing Yuan’s retainer. A gifted swordsman who hasn’t even come of age.

New Echo of War – Phantylia, the Undying

Phantylia has three stages.

In her first stage, she will summon Abundance Lotuses that will restore her HP and steal Skill Points. Destroying the Lotuses will grant the Skill Points back.

The second stage has Phantylia change gear into Destruction, summoning Destruction Lotuses which reduce the party’s Max HP while dealing damage.

No information was revealed about her third stage. She will drop materials required to level up the Talents of Blade, Kafka, and Luka.

New Companion Missions

“Letter from a Strange Woman” (Kafka)

“For I have Touched the Sky” (Yukong)


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