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EnVyUs Takes Last CS: GO Major of the Year

November 4, 2015 Earl Carlo "dreamslayer28" Guevarra

After a very solid, yet stylish performance, EnVyUs secures DreamHack Cluj-Napoca by beating Natus Vincere in the grand finals, 2-0.

Going into the picks, the Ukrainians banned Cache, while EnVyUs removed Overpass from the pool. Afterwards, Na’Vi picked Train, which is considered to be one of their trump cards, while the French went for Cobblestone, with Dust 2 as the deciding map.

For taking a well-deserved win, EnVyUs takes $100,000, while Na’Vi takes $50,000 for their first-ever CS: GO major final.

Train: Down to the Wire

With EnVyUs starting on the Counter-Terrorist side, they needed to have a sizable advantage and indeed, they went 7-0 before Natus Vincere started putting rounds on the board. The half ended at 9-6 after several multi-kill rounds from Na’Vi’s Denis “seized” Kostin gave the CIS side a good amount of leeway to work with.

Going into the second half, with Na’Vi playing the favored CT side and EnVyUs getting the Terrorist side, almost every round was highly contested, with several of them turning out to be clutch situations. The defining moment of the match came in the 28th when Vincent “Happy” Schopenhauer held the B site using a grenade and a hail of bullets from his AK-47 in order to prevent the defuser from stopping the bomb.

In the end, it all went down to the 30th round, thus ending the map at 16-14.

For the French side, it was a concerted effort: Whether it is the insane entry fragging of Dan “apEX” Madesclaire, the intense mind games of Happy or the heroic sniping antics of Kenny “kennyS” Schrub, EnVyUs had to rely on all of their players to match the sheer firepower provided by seized, who has dropped a 30-bomb in the server or Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács, who is just firing insane flicks as if he’s on a picnic.

With that result, the French squad now takes a one-map advantage over their CIS rivals.

Cobblestone: The French Show

While Train went down to the decider round, Cobblestone was a completely different story as the French took control of the map from the get-go, as apEX quickly went in for a quad kill in the first pistol round.

There was no turning back for the French squad as they blew off to another 7-0 lead (with a highlight ace by Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt) on the CT side before the CIS squad took two rounds of their own. On the tenth round, a 1v1 clutch by kennyS against GuardiaN made it 8-2 in favor of EnVyUs; afterwards, it was a back-and-forth affair as both teams tried to place more rounds on the board.

The first half ended 10-5 in favor of the Frenchmen and it was now their turn to play on the much-coveted offensive side. Surely enough, they did not give Na’Vi any chance to comeback as they just rolled over the CIS side with sick plays and amazing entries.

In the end, the French wreck train was just too much for Natus Vincere to handle as they get the map with a scoreline of 16-5.


Here are the final results of the tournament:

1st place: EnVyUs ($100,000)
2nd place: Na`Vi ($50,000)
3rd/4th place: G2 ($22,000)
3rd/4th place: NiP ($22,000)

5th-8th place ($10,000):


9th-13th place ($2,000):


13th-16th place ($2,000):


Featured image taken from the official Counter-Strike blog.

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