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Me. Us. TaskUs.

We are TaskUs – A leading provider of customer care and content management for rapidly-growing tech companies. These companies trust TaskUs with their dai…

Lenovo introduces new Legion line designed for PC Gaming

Lenovo presents its sub-brand of gaming PCs, named Lenovo Legion to cater to the growing community of online gamers Hardcore and enthusiast gamers, alike flocke…

The 5 Largest DotA 2 Prize Amounts Won (So Far) by Philippine Teams

Article by Daks Rosales Author’s Note: All prize amounts headlined are conversions of US Dollars to Philippine Peso at the current rate of ₱50:$1. Photos b…

Pinoy pro gamer is NBA 2K17 Asia champion

Galas chose the Golden State Warriors as his finals squad, while his opponent went with the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers.

$3,000,ChihChung Huang,Custer George Galas


NiKo’s Buyout


S1mple with Sniping Mechanics

No Scope? No Problem.  


Top 5 Valentine Ideas for the Single Gamers

Who says you can’t treat yourself on Valentine’s Day?