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Whispers No More: Hearthstone’s Newest Expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods, Revealed

March 12, 2016 John Paolo "Sandata" Bago

Blizzard just revealed the name of the next set centered around the WarCraft pantheon of Old Gods, along with a bunch of new cards including a brand spanking new Legendary and its cultist cohorts.

The next expansion pack for Hearthstone, Blizzard’s hugely popular collectible card video game, will be called Whispers of the Old Gods. The new set is slated for launch towards the end of April or the beginning of May, the company has announced.


WHAT IS DEAD. Inspired by Lovecraftian horror, Hearthstone Old Gods will be available for play come the set’s release, complete with their own host of cultists to do their bidding.

Whispers of the Old Gods is based around WarCraft’s Lovecraftian elder gods, C’Thun, Yogg-Saron, N’Zoth and Y’Shaarj. The new content block will be a full expansion, featuring 144 cards to the game.

The set’s designs is noticeably darker from past expansions of the game. Ben Brode, lead designer and developer for Hearthstone, stated that Whispers of the Old Gods will be the least cute-sy expansion the team has worked on so far.

Headlining the new set is C’Thun; a Legendary minion that interacts with other cards to buff its power and herald its arrival no matter where it is — in your deck, on your hand or on the field.

Competitive news

Probably the second most important piece of news is that the expansion will also launch alongside the long-awaited introduction of rotation in Hearthstone. Last February February, the new Standard format will see around 150 cards retired as the entirety of the Curse of Naxxramas and Goblins v Gnomes expansions will no longer be Standard-legal.

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Standard will serve as the tournament format of choice for Blizzard’s high-level play but those cards will still be playable for the foreseeable future in the new “Wild” format: a format that will allow players to play with ALL of Hearthstone’s cards.

Importantly for fans of Hearthstone’s competitive landscape, the new set will also include a number of “corrupted” versions of previous minions. These new cards are riffs on cards that should be familiar to established players of the game and will serve as Blizzard’s answer to the reprint problem prevalent in other CCG-style games.

You can view the rest of the spoiled cards and other announcements on the new expansions official page over at

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