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Team Secret acquires top Super Smash Bros. Melee player Silent Wolf

April 6, 2016 Justin "Popi" Banusing

Since the start of 2016, Team Secret has expanded from its Dota 2 roots to include other popular eSports titles. So far, they have signed Team WRTP (the top female Counter Strike: Global Offensive team), Media Pixel eSport (the top European Vainglory team) and Jorge Yao (the longest consecutive #1 Clash of Clans player).

One of the latest acquisitions by the eSports conglomerate comes from the fighting game community, specifically Super Smash Bros. Melee player Otto “Silent Wolf” Bisno. On April 4th, he was announced to be joining Team Secret.

The Washington-based Fox specialist was one of the few remaining unsponsored players within the top 20 of the game at the time of his signing. He has shown a strong performance throughout the past year, finishing 4th at HTC Showdown, 17th at GENESIS 3 and 7th at the recently concluded Battle of the Five Gods.

Silent Wolf’s next tournament appearance will be at Beyond the Summit’s Smash Summit 2 on April 21st. For more information on the Smash Summit 2 and Super Smash Bros., stay tuned to eSports by Inquirer.

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