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What is PeSO?

June 4, 2016 Earl Carlo "dreamslayer28" Guevarra


Now that the Manila Major is fast approaching, many people who are first-timers to the Philippine Dota 2 scene are asking about PeSO. Why did Valve and PGL gave the colossal task of co-producing the Spring Dota 2 Major to these guys?

(Full disclosure: eSports by is a project owned by PeSO in partnership with

Who are they?

The Philippine eSports Organization (PeSO) is an eSports entity that is the official Philippine representative to the International eSports Federation (IeSF), which is one of the largest eSports associations in the world. It carries the interests of the Filipino eSports community on the international arena.

In addition, the Philippine eSports Organization offers the following services:

A gaming and eSports news website (in partnership with the Inquirer Group, which is one of the largest publications in the country)
Events organization (technical and creative production)
Online production (talk shows, games streaming, etc.)

PeSO has done a good number of events over the past few years, with the eSports Festival in Cebu serving as their flagship exhibit. Here is the list of the things that they have done so far:

eSports Festival Cebu 2013
eSports Festival Cebu 2014
eSports Festival Cebu 2015
Razer NeXT Crossfire Tournament 2015
Razer NeXT Dota 2 Tournament 2015

Generally, these events are among the largest in the Philippines in their respective years, even attracting international teams such as MVP.Phoenix, Orange and MiTH.Trust, among others.


ESF Cebu is PeSO’s largest event up to this point.

PeSO is tasked as the local organizer and partner of PGL. Their tasks include dealing with the venue, internet, gov’t permits, suppliers, and making recommendations for Valve & PGL.

Going in line with its aim of delivering quality eSports and gaming events here in the Philippines, there have been no significant delays in their LAN events and generally, the organization has been able to deliver on the targets that they have set for each respective tournament that they made, quickly gaining a large following in the process.


Turning the Philippines into a truly world-class destination is the primary reason why the Philippine eSports Organization has strived to bring the Spring Dota 2 Major here to the country.

With the wealth of experience and local connections that they have, PeSO is determined to bring the Manila Major to the Filipino crowd along with one of the best events production teams in the world in the form of PGL.

The time has come.

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