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Why Aren’t There More Female Competitive Gamers?

July 18, 2016 Ino "Amplifire" Barreiro

How many competitive female gamers do you know? Chances are, they won’t even outnumber the fingers on your hand. Personally, I happen to know one, who goes by the name of Kiyora. She is an ex-competitive gamer for League of Legends, most popularly known for being the Captain and AD Carry of an All-Female team “Vixens”.

Upon meeting her, I had to ask myself, “Why aren’t there more female competitive gamers, or even female gamers in general?” While I had an idea of what the answer might be to that question, I had to talk to her myself to get her perspective on the issues regarding the way the community treats female gamers here in the Philippines.

In this episode of eSports Amplified, Kiyora and I talk about her gaming journey began, her experiences as a female competitive gamer, and the different ways the Philippine gaming community can improve the way it treats non-male gamers.

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