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Attention Overwatch Fans: Here’s Sombra

November 1, 2016 John Paolo "Sandata" Bago

There are two things constant in the universe. Death and Taxes.

And Blizzard not being able to keep secrets around BlizzCon. Alright three constants.

On the Blizzard store, a leaked image of Overwatch’s much teased hero, Sombra, was found by diligent fans. Although no details about her kit have been released, the sight of the rumored master hacker has fans gushing.


Sombra was the subject of an elaborate and extensive ARG (Alternate Reality Game) marketing campaign by Blizzard. We say “campaign” as the Sombra game was no mere sideshow; for what feels like eons, Blizzard threw clues of Sombra inside images, patch notes, in-game decals, tweets, text messages and more.

Will players finally get the chance to test drive the latest hotness from Blizzard’s runaway success shooter?


Credits to the artist, John Polidora for the sick Hero design!