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Twitch Launches IRL, Mobile Broadcasting Functionalities

December 16, 2016 John Paolo "Sandata" Bago

Ever wondered what it would be like to have Doublelift stream live from the floor of an IEM event?

Or have Nightblue3 give a daily blog on the physiology of a boosted banobo monkey right before he streams?

Today, Twitch announced that it’s launching its IRL and Mobile streaming functionalities, designed to give the video streaming platform’s content creators more ways to interact and engage their audience.

According to the official blog post, Twitch’s IRL feature is an all-new content category that’s essentially like Vlogs; the new feature will allow streamers to upload vlog-style content that engages their audience in a one-to-many style.

On the IRL FAQ, one of the hallmarks of the IRL stream is that streamer actively engage their audience — almost Q&A style — effectively turning the stream’s focus from gaming to the streamer’s personality and thoughts.


The Amazon-owned broadcasting platform also announced the new Mobile Broadcasting feature that allows streamers to connect to their channel from the Twitch mobile app. The feature will allow users to stream from the floor of conventions, eSports events and more.

Currently in closed beta, the feature is not unlike Facebook’s live video and Twitter’s live broadcast option. With the push into Away-from-keyboard (AFK) streaming tools, Twitch is looking to leverage the engagement levels of the gamer demographic to create a powerful, all-around media platform.

Twitch’s new mobile broadcasting feature is set to go live next year, 2017. You can sign up for the closed beta by filling out this form.