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Riot’s newest release are two new champions, Xayah and Rakan

April 5, 2017 Migg Dela Cruz

Riot is looking to change things up with their latest champion – er, champions – release. Meet Rakan and Xayah, the League’s newest botlane duo.

Rakan, the Charmer, is an extremely mobile Support who delivers on both sides of team fights. Defensively, he’s got a lot of shields in his kit to safeguard his allies. Offensively, he’s got a lot of crowd control to disrupt the enemy’s advances.

Xayah, the Rebel, is a spellcasting AD Carry. Her kit allows her to chase down enemy champions with a root, and strong sustained damage helps her clean up teamfights.

Rakan and Xayah also introduce a special new mechanic. They have a shared recall. Aside from a romantic recall animation, one of them can potentially back to base without having to channel the full eight seconds. How it works is that one of the two has to channel the full eight seconds, while the other can join in even at the last second. Rioter Cactopus confirmed this in a Reddit discussion about the two champions.

In the April 4 PBE Update Riot revealed Rakan and Xayah’s release skins to be Cosmic Dawn Rakan and Cosmic Dusk Xayah, a space-y theme shared with Cosmic Reaver Kassadin. Riot also revealed a Cosmic Blade Yi skin, and a Conqueror Karma skin.

The Vastaya

With the reveal of Rakan and Xayah, Riot also updated Universe, their lore website. They unveiled the story of the vastaya, a race of chimeric animal-human hybrids, who originate from Ionia. The story update includes overhauls of previous champions’ lores, including Ahri, who was described as a “creature … having the ears and tail(s) of a fox … and otherwise very, very much like a female human.” The story update could also include other Ionian champions who fit the vastaya bill, like Rengar and Wukong.

At around November 2016 Riot announced their Universe site, which will be hosting all of League of Legends lore stuff. Art, lore, stories, champion bios, and a lot more await fans in the League of Legends Universe site.