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PH team Mineski locked in three way tie after 1st day of GPL

April 12, 2017 eSports Inquirer

The Garena Pro League group stages started on April 12th, with four teams playing six matches in a Double Round Robin format. Fortius of Indonesia, the Kuala Lumpur Hunters and Mineski of the Philippines ended the day in a three-way tie with two wins and a one loss each, while Team Rigel from Singapore finished dead last, unable to win a single game.




Game 1: Fortius (IND) vs Kuala Lumpur Hunters (KL) [KL WIN]

The first match started with KLH dominating Fortius in the early game, then transitioning to a strong mid game. Shiro’s Renekton in the top lane easily outplayed Fortius’ players again and again in front, while ArrHedge on Syndra rained down damage from the back. Fortius came close to winning a couple of teamfights despite that, but Shiro was just able to salvage losing fights, ending the game with a Quadra Kill, and winning the first game of the day for Kuala Lumpur.


Game 2: Mineski (PH) vs Team Rigel (SG) [PH WIN]

The action started early on in the second game, with first blood being drawn at 2 minutes; Rigel’s jungler cyh ganked Exosen unexpectedly and took the first kill. However, through excellent mechanical plays and good rotations, Mineski was able to snag the lead in the mid game. Exosen’s global pressure with his Ekko clinched many a teamfight for Mineski, even netting the star mid laner a Quadra Kill and a Baron Steal. Mineski closed out the game easily after that, netting a win on the Philippine team’s first game.


Game 3: Fortius (IND) vs Mineski (PH) [IND WIN]

The early phases of the third game were action packed, with a lot of focus being placed on the bot lane. Mineski slipped up in the mid game, with Fortius capitalizing on the Philippine team’s mistakes. In spite of that, Mineski used their global ultimates to catch up. The game went back and forth for a while, with no clear leader in teamfights. Mineski stole away Baron from Fortius, and the Indonesian team returned the favor, stealing away the Drake right after. Fortius was able to win a teamfight decisively in the late game, and were able to push down Mineski’s base, grabbing their first win of the day.


Game 4: Kuala Lumpur Hunters (KL) vs Team Rigel [KL WIN]

Game four took off on a more passive note, with very few kills in the early and mid game. Both KLH and Team Rigel were unwilling to make aggressive moves, leading to objective fights and KLH choking out Team Rigel slowly and methodically with Qaspiel’s presence on Kha’Zix. KLH played this game in a calculated manner, rarely giving Team Rigel any breathing room and not taking any unnecessary risks. Eventually, KLH was able to take down the nexus through their immense pressure, taking their second win of the group stages.


Game 5: Team Rigel (SG) vs Fortius (IND) [IND WIN]

The fifth game of the day saw a lot of focus on the bot lane from both teams, especially from Fortius’ Meocon on Kha’Zix. Although Fortius could have taken aggressive moves, they let Team Rigel take towers and objectives instead of risking their lives. Because of this, Team Rigel left the laning phase with all lanes winning and a huge gold lead. However, Fortius pulled off an amazing upset, getting a clean ace from a teamfight, rushing for the baron, and completely reversing the game. Team Rigel wasn’t able to recover from that, and was easily taken down by Fortius with a Quadra Kill from Beyond to end the game.


Game 6: Kuala Lumpur Hunters (KL) vs Mineski (PH) [PH WIN]

The last game of the day saw Mineski bring an explosive early game against KLH, taking four kills and the first Drake before the 8 minute mark. Thanks to that, Mineski was able to make proactive plays across the map, getting pick after pick thanks to Tgee’s Thresh hooks and Znsho on Jhin. KLH did manage to get a good teamfight after a mistake from Mineski, but Mineski was able to recover and turn the game around again with their great teamfighting. Mineski ended the game after taking down KLH in their base and rushing down the nexus fairly early, cementing the three-way tie for the first day of group stages.


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