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Mineski advances to GPL semifinals

April 14, 2017 eSports Inquirer


Philippine team Mineski were able to tie with the Kuala Lumpur Hunters for the top spot in the group stages of the Garena Premier League, following a great performance in the second day, winning two games for a final record of 4 wins and 2 losses. Mineski, along with the Kuala Lumpur Hunters, will proceed past the group stages into the semifinal stage on Friday, April 14th. Mineski will be facing Ascension Gaming from Thailand, while the Kuala Lumpur Hunters will face off against Vietnam’s GIGABYTE Marines in the knockout round to determine who makes it to the GPL Grand Finals on Sunday, April 16th.


Mineski was unable to make it out of group stages the last time they participated in the GPL, however, with their performance now, Mineski looks confident enough to make it to the finals. Support player Tgee even said that “[they] can beat anybody, [they] just need to avoid being complacent.”


Game 1: Mineski (PH) vs Kuala Lumpur Hunters (KL) [PH WIN]

Mineski and KLH opened the second day of the group stages with a slow early game. KLH took better fights going into the mid game, giving them a kill lead, but Mineski was ahead in taking objectives. The game went downhill for KLH when Mineski pulled off a clean teamfight, grabbing an ace and a free Baron. From that point, MIneski was able to slowly overwhelm KLH to win the first game of the day.


Game 2: Fortius(IND) vs Team Rigel (SG) [SG WIN]

The second game of the day constantly went back and forth between Fortius and Team Rigel. The two teams were evenly matched, with neither team able to get a decent lead due to the cautious play from both sides. Although Fortius made more aggressive plays, Rigel pulled off an explosive teamfight that resulted in a clean ace, and Rigel’s first win of the tournament.


Game 3: Team Rigel (IND) vs Kuala Lumpur Hunters (PH) [KL WIN]

Kuala Lumpur Hunters took an aggressive stance early on, getting a small lead in the laning phase. Qaspiel kept himself one step ahead of cyh, always in the right place at the right time for KLH, resulting in the Kuala Lumpur team dominating the game, easily smothering Rigel with their efficient play. Rigel was only able to secure one kill in the entire game.


Game 4: Mineski (PH) vs Fortius (IND) [PH WIN]

Mineski started the fourth game of the day with an early lead against Fortius, and keeping the lead into the mid game, even with a couple of mistakes. Hamezz applied pressure more successfully than MeoCon, leading Mineski to take objective after objective. Mineski’s smart teamfighting and Fortius’ late arrival to some teamfights kept Mineski in the lead well into the last stages of the game. The Philippine team’s final Baron fight resulted in a clean ace for Mineski, and they were able to secure their place in the semifinals with their fourth win in the GPL.


Game 5: Team Rigel (SG) vs Mineski (PH) [SG WIN]

In contrast to Mineski’s dominating performance in game four, they weren’t quite able to deal with Rigel’s jungler, cyh camping Exosen in the mid lane early on. Rigel’s smart cross-map plays, coupled with the scaling nature of Mineski’s champions allowed the Singaporean team to adapt a very aggressive playstyle, ending the game victorious with over 30 kills, and proving that the GPL’s teams are all pretty evenly matched.


Game 6: Kuala Lumpur Hunters (KL) vs Fortius (IND) [KL WIN]

The last game of the group stages started slowly, with a relatively calm laning phase, although KLH was able to pck up a couple of kills post-level 6. Fortius took the kill lead in the mid game with a few good picks, but KLH’s superior rotations and map play allowed them to get the lead in objectives and gold. KLH proceeded to systematically push down Fortius’ lanes. With the Indonesian tea helpless to resist the slow, methodical destruction of their structures, KLH took down Fortius, securing their spot in the semifinals along with Mineski.


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