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Ascension Gaming beats Mineski in the GPL Spring 2017 Semifinals

April 14, 2017 Migg Dela Cruz

The first semifinal match for the GPL Spring 2017 just ended with Ascension Gaming coming out on top. After a grueling 5-game series, they’re set to meet the winner of the Kuala Lumpur Hunters vs GIGABYTE Marines match, which takes place later today.

Mineski secured their semifinal spot after taking the 1st place spot in the group stages. They finished 4-2, tied with the Kuala Lumpur Hunters, but had the head-to-head advantage 2-0.

Ascension Gaming had a direct spot in the semifinals, as the results of the last 2 years of GPL splits were taken into account. The Thai sqaud’s three 2nd place finishes and one 1st place finish (Summer 2015) got them the spot.

Games 1 and 2 went the way of Ascension Gamimg, but Mineski made sure to give them a hard time. In game 1, Mineski had superior objective control, securing five dragons. But ultimately they bb n ml mm a okweren’t able to close out the game. Game 2 went pretty similar, with Mineski getting First Blood like in the previous game, and mounting a decent lead in the early game. They were even up 6-4 in kills by the 15-minute mark, and Aced ASC two minutes later. The two teams went back-and-forth, but ASC eventually pulled ahead and ended the game at 35 minutes to take the series lead 2-0.

With their backs against the wall Mineski looked to bounce back. In Game 3 they decided to change up their team composition, opting for more scaling champions in Camille, Orianna, and Caitlyn. Tgee was also given his signature Thresh, a champion he was very comfortable on. Tgee was vital in this comeback game, landing crucial hooks to get his team kills. With their scaling comp and excellent macro play, Mineski get a notch in the win column. In Game 4, Mineski got the first blood for the 4th game in a row. They looked to end quickly, snowballing with early kills and objectives. They ended the game in 24 minutes, and tied the series 2-2.

Silver Scrapes was on, as Mineski looked to complete the reverse sweep, and Ascension looked to play spoiler. Once again, Mineski took the early game and mounted a lead. Both teams fought for control over the map and objectives. Teamfights would go either way, and would often be equal trades. One crucial mistake from Mineski though caused Ascension to punish them and take the game, and head to the finals.

Thailand’s Ascension Gaming will be facing the winner of GIGABYTE Marines vs Kuala Lumpur Hunters for the chance to represent SEA at the Mid-Season Invitationals.