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GIGABYTE Marines complete reverse sweep against KL Hunters, face Ascension Gaming in GPL Spring 2017 Finals

April 15, 2017 Migg Dela Cruz

Fans enjoyed extra League of Legends as the second match of the day also went the full five games. Vietnam’s GIGABYTE Marines completed the reverse sweep against Malaysia’s KL Hunters. The Marines will be joining Ascension Gaming in the Finals on Sunday at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura.

Games 1 and 2 went the way of Kuala Lumpur Hunters. Their momentum from the group stages carried over on to the playoffs. After strong performances from Qaspiel’s Rengar and Shiro’s Renekton, Hunters looked to close out in Game 3.

Going into GPL, the GIGABYTE Marines were the favorites to win. With their 12-0 season in Vietnam Championship Series A and 3-0 finals against Young Generation, they were the team to watch.

Game 3 was where the Marines threw a curveball at the Hunters. They drafted up a 4-AP team comp with Kennen top, Zilean mid, Ziggs APC, and Karma support, rounded out with a Graves jungle. This threw the Hunters off guard and the Marines took the win.

In game 4, although Shiro got his Renekton and Qaspiel was on the Rengar again, it was not enough as the Marines dominated 19-7. Stark finished 3/0/6 on Rumble, Levi finished 8/1/5 on Graves, Optimus finished 2/1/9 on Leblanc, and Slay finished 6/1/6 on Caitlyn.

With Silver Scrapes playing for the second time around, tensions were high as the series was tied 2-2. Both teams looked to draft compositions they were comfortable with, and what they thought the enemy was not prepared to fight against. Hunters’ Shiro picked up a Fizz and Arrhedge was on Taliyah. Marines answered with Talon on Optimus and Archiee on Sona. In the end, Optimus went off in a 15/0/5 performance and the Marines took the win.

The GIGABYTE Marines head off into the finals where they will face off against Ascension Gaming. The finals take place Sunday April 16 at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura. The winner goes on to represent SEA at the Mid-Season Invitational in Brazil.