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Catch the latest and hottest games at the esportsINQ Twitch channel

April 17, 2017 Migg Dela Cruz

Maybe you’re like me and you get excited every year for the hottest new games, but can’t afford them, so you watch playthroughs on YouTube. Maybe you’re a bit more well-off and pre-order the Limited Deluxe Collector’s Special Founder Edition once DataBlitz opens for orders. Or you’re somewhere in the middle, and you like to watch reviews about games to decide if they’re worth your moolah. Either way, what connects us all is our love for gaming.

Whether you’re looking for reviews, want to see the latest game’s combat system, or stuck on a level and need a walkthrough, we got you covered! Catch Jaeger, esportsINQ’s resident streamer, as he plays through the latest and hottest AAA titles! Whether it’s on PC or PS4, he’ll be playing the best games out there.

You can catch him streaming on esportsINQ’s Twitch channel, or visit his own Facebook page and give it a like (plus he’s going a CS:GO giveaway right now!) Be sure to give his own Twitch channel and YouTube channel some love, too!

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