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New Champ Alert! Riot releases teaser video for Ornn, the Fire Beneath The Mountains

August 8, 2017 Migg Dela Cruz

Riot just released a teaser video for League of Legend’s newest champion, Ornn, the Fire Beneath The Mountains.

Ornn is described as a “gruff, but lovable demigod blacksmith from the Freljord.” He appears as a hulking dwarf (paradoxical as it may seem) with huge horns and an equally huge forging hammer.

The video shows some of Ornn’s unique playstyle. First off it shows him having a dash that knocks up enemies and can destroy terrain. There’s another ability which seems to be a double purpose, offensive-defensive skill. When it hits enemies it applies a new debuff called Brittle. Enemies affected with Brittle receive extended crowd control spell effects, making slows and stuns last longer.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of his kit is his ability to upgrade his team’s items. What this exactly means isn’t gone into detail, but we presume it means he can buy items for his teammates. Oh, did we also mention he can shop from anywhere on the map? Yeah. Riot seems to be stepping up on releasing more unique champions that it borders on CRAZY OP. But we’re sure there will be some limits to Ornn’s crazy utility.

His ult shows him summoning a lumbering fire ram that stampedes through the Rift, damaging and knocking up enemies as he charges. Ornn can also cast his dash and if he strikes the ram he can redirect it to a new direction, rampaging anew.

You can watch the teaser video here.

Ornn blazes through Summoner’s Rift on Patch 7.17.

Feature image from League of Legends website.

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