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League of Legends 2017 World Championship Group Stage Day 3 Recap

October 7, 2017 Migg Dela Cruz

Team SoloMid vs Team WE

Winner: Team SoloMid

Both teams come in to this match 1-0 and look to take the top spot in Group D. The two teams go pretty much even for the first 20 minutes, until a huge teamfight goes in TSM’s favor, with Bjergsen, who finished 4/0/4, picking up a Double Kill on Corki and the Baron. TSM then snowball with their scaling comp, and put the final nail in the coffin with Doublelift getting a Triple Kill on Tristana, who finished 3/0/3.

Flash Wolves vs Misfits Gaming

Winner: Misfits Gaming

This game stalled out in the early game even longer than the previous game. The smart Trundle pick, together with PowerofEvil’s signature Nashor Orianna, Misfits pick up EU’s first win. Interestingly enough, while they picked up 0 kills in their first game, they then follow up with a 12 kills 0 death game.

G2 Esports vs 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports

Winner: G2 Esports

EU pick up their second win of the day thanks to a strong performance by G2. They also get a perfect game in terms of kills, 8-0, and turrets, 8-0.

Samsung Galaxy vs Royal Never Give Up

Winner: Royal Never Give Up

The two Group C 1-0 teams butt heads for the top spot. With the third kill shutout game in a row, RNG sent the Wuhan crown into a frenzy with two huge teamfights that propelled them to victory. The ADC-centric meta seemed to go in favor of one of the best ADCs in the game, Uzi, who went off on Tristana, picking up a game-high 6 kills with a huge 38% damage participation. Toplaner Letme and Jungler Mlxg were also vital in the teamfights, who perfectly executed the Jarvan-Galio combo that has been notorious as of late.

SK Telecom T1 vs ahq e-Sports Club

Winner: SK Telecom T1

SKT pull off another comeback as Faker brings out the Fizz. Despite another slow start, with Chawy subbing in for ahq, Fizz fell a bit behind in lane as he would against a Syndra. SKT looked to find advantages in their winning matches, in the toplane with Huni on Cho’Gath vs Maokai, and in the bottom lane with Bang on Twitch vs Xayah. SKT eventually scaled to victory, cruising to a clean 3-0 record on their first week of Worlds Group Stage.

Cloud9 vs EDward Gaming

Winner: Cloud9

Cloud9 also surprise fans with a Graves pick for Contractz. Cloud9 seem to favor putting him on high-damage junglers, to take advantage of his tendency to gank a lot. With Jensen on Syndra, the midlane matchup against Scout’s Lucian. Impact also showed the rest of the teams how to play Shen properly; play proactively and abuse his global ultimate. Although EDG had a plethora of engages in the Cho’Gath, Jarvan IV, Varus, and Rakan, they just weren’t able to find a good teamfight opening and didn’t respect their opponents in the laning phase. This game concludes Group A’s games for the first week and play the second half of Round Robins next week.

The 2017 Worlds Group Stage continues tomorrow for Day 4. Watch live on Twitch or YouTube.

3:00 PM Team WE vs Flash Wolves
4:00 PM Misfits Gaming vs Team SoloMid
5:00 PM GIGABYTE Marines vs Immortals
6:00 PM Fnatic vs Longzhu Gaming
7:00 PM 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports vs Samsung Galaxy
8:00 PM Royal Never Give Up vs G2 Esports

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