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ESL, Riot, Twitch and More Collaborate to Form ISFE Esports in Europe

September 6, 2019 Justin Banusing

The Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE), a Brussels-based union of prominent companies to represent Europe’s gaming industry, has announced a branch called ISFE Esports that will “coordinate and articulate the voice of esports at the highest levels”.

Founded in 1998, the ISFE focuses on developing, building, and representing European gaming. The organization handles game rating and regulation in the region through the PEGI (Pan European Game Information) and works with policy-makers to ensure the local industry remains healthy and growing.

Among its partners for its esports branch include Twitch, Riot Games, ESL, Electronic Arts and Epic Games, among others.

Alberto Guerrero, Head of European Esports for Riot Games and Co-Chairman of ISFE Esports had this to say:

“With the esports industry growing at such a fast rate, it is crucial that we publishers should bring to bear our many years of experience and, in particular, our rigorous standards for responsible gameplay for the overall good of the ecosystem and the protection of our players.”

According to the ISFE, 32% of the global esports economy 20% of the global esports audience in 2017 was generated in Europe. This marks the region as a significant force in the global esports landscape, and the formation of ISFE Esports as key strategic move for its growth moving forward.

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