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Riot Games


Soul Fighter is Riot’s Newest Multi-Game Event

July 05, 2023 BY:  XC Enriquez

Naafiri is League of Legends’ newest overpowered mess

June 25, 2023 BY:  Dave Bernasibo
First Person Shooter Games [FPS]

Meet Deadlock, VALORANT’s newest Sentinel

June 25, 2023 BY:  XC Enriquez
First Person Shooter Games [FPS]

Evil Geniuses nudge Paper Rex out of Masters, eye Fnatic in Grand Final

June 25, 2023 BY:  XC Enriquez

OPINION: Yuumi is in a purr-fect spot post rework

March 11, 2023 BY:  Dave Bernasibo

Meet Milio, League of Legends’ newest enchanter!

March 10, 2023 BY:  XC Enriquez

TFT Set 8 Asian Cup to boast 2 million peso prize pool

February 28, 2023 BY:  XC Enriquez
Dota 2

It has been ages since the last Dota 2 patch update

February 12, 2023 BY:  Dave Bernasibo
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