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FunPlus Phoenix

First Person Shooter Games [FPS]

LOUD Proceeds to Grand Finals After Beating OpTic, DRX Eliminates FPX

September 17, 2022 BY:  Daryll Galindo
First Person Shooter Games [FPS]

LOUD, DRX Begin Champions 2022 Playoffs with Respective Sweeps

September 10, 2022 BY:  Daryll Galindo

DRX vs FPX on Ascent was a game for the ages

September 10, 2022 BY:  Ralph Grande

ICYMI: DRX Qualifies For Playoffs in 4th Day of VALORANT Champions 2022

September 04, 2022 BY:  Daryll Galindo
League of Legends

Kings of the East: Top Esports Wins Mid-Season Cup 2020

May 31, 2020 BY:  Simon Juleovenz Garnace
League of Legends

FunPlus Phoenix Sweeps G2 to Win LoL Worlds 2019

November 11, 2019 BY:  Simon Juleovenz Garnace
League of Legends

The Phoenix and the Samurai: The 2019 Season World Championship Finals

November 10, 2019 BY:  Simon Juleovenz Garnace
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